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Experts Panel


The State of the Industry and How it Affects your Business:
Pertinent Data and Analysis from both Foodservice and Lodging Sectors

Safeguarding Hospitality Operations: 
Strategies Against Fraud, Chargebacks, and Theft affecting your property and customers

The Balancing Act:
Controlling F&B Costs Without Compromising Guest Experience to keep them coming through the doors

Embracing the Future:
Integrating AI Into Your Hospitality Business for Success

Hear it From Them: 
Understanding, Motivating and Relating to the New Workforce in Hospitality

WT….??? The Evolution of the Lure of Hospitality Culture
Balancing what attracted so many to be in the industry over the years, with the culturally sensitive changes of today.

Fighting Back Against Property Tax Costs:
Understanding Municipal Tax Evaluations and Reducing your Liability and Costs

Hospitality Law Update:

The complete HR Toolkit

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